In an alternate universe without the PC & Internet…

Have you ever wondered what your life, interests, career or hobbies might become if the PC / Internet doesn’t exists? This is probably how a typical day in the alternate universe would look like.

I would probably be working in a garage for 3 reasons. Firstly, it still allows me to meeting and interact with new people. It’s innate in me. Secondly, it satisfies my strange creature in me that’s obsessed with optimization. When customers drive away satisfied, I feel like my obsession has benefited someone else’s day. Thirdly, vehicles have always fascinated me. As someone who gets bored easily the garage allows me to be promiscuous without the moral guilt (fidelity in question refers to the car, in case you’re wondering).

The night would probably find me at the local ice skating ring, where I teach the evening skating lessons (hey surely you didn’t think I am paid that well in a garage, did you?). Again, its an interesting job because again you see all sorts of people here. The aspiring figure skater, the hot-dogging punk, the bored mistress…..  I guess I also can’t complain about the cute female instructor beside me. It’s always heartwarming when I see her with her 3 seven-year-old aspiring ballerinas-on-ice. Aside from the cooler temperature, gliding across the ice gives me an immense satisfaction that I can’t explain in words.

Weekend nights would probably be spent playing music with my buddies in a local pub. While we would be playing the classics, we’d probably still enjoy hammering our own compositions.

It’s interesting because while the pace of life might be slower, things that excite me will still be the same – vehicles, music, sports and people. Wonder how yours would look like.

Oh yeah, did I mention I would still be riding the bike?

I can imagine myself tuning cars all day

I can imagine myself tuning cars all day

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